16 Foot Scale Model
Noah's Ark & Dinosaurs

Using Dimensions From The Bible (Gen 6:15)
300 x 50 x 30 cubits (~ 450 x 75 x 45 feet)

Come see our sixteen foot scale model of Noah's Ark (one thirtieth scale, the real Ark was 27,000 times bigger). We have free flyers and information. Also, go to www.WhyBaptism.org and press the link called "Creation Videos", to see the free online VIDEOS (with hundreds of pictures, animations, archaeological finds, etc.), research articles, etc. on the subject of creation versus evolution. (no sign in required, and no advertisements) For more information about any of these subjects (and how to see our 16 foot model), call 407-657-0657. Click here to jump down to more images of Noah's Ark (from a presentation on Dinosaurs & Noah's Ark).

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16 foot model of Noah's Ark, Church of Christ, Winter Park, FL


No Large Dinosaurs On Noah's Ark, Church of Christ, Winter Park, FL

Animals Going Onto Noah's Ark, Young Dinosaurs, Church of Christ, Winter Park, FL


Truth versus Visual Lies

Noah's Ark, Possible reconstruction, in front of One Story House
One story house in front of a reconstruction of the Ark using the dimensions from the Bible.
Gen 6:15 says 300 x 50 x 30 cubits (~ 450 x 75 x 45 feet)

Animals, Loading Noah's Ark, Creation magazine

Visual Lies

Satan has Visual Lies to fool our children into thinking that Genesis is just a myth. After all, how could Noah fit all those animals on the ark below? The most attacked part of God's word is Genesis chapters 6,7,8 (World wide flood and Noah's Ark). Yet if people would just read their Bibles, these lies should not deceive them. The Bible says the ark was about 450 feet long.

Notice the deception below and how the artist has no excuse for painting such a lie. The image below was a large painting that must have taken the artist days to paint. The artist put tremendous details into this painting. Now notice that the artist put two of each kind of animal on his ark. So he must have read his Bible. The artist called his painting "Noah's Ark". So he must have read his Bible. So why didn't he read his Bible so he could get the size of the Ark correct? The image below is to deceive children, and those who do not read their Bibles. (indoctrination, not education).

Lies About Noah's Ark

Any child (or adult) that has this false image of Noah's Ark, will doubt God's word when the skeptic says "How can you fit all the animals on that ark?" Show your children the truth.

The following PDF file is available for download. It has pictures, illustrations, table of animals needed (uses the evolutionist's data), and examples. Here are some portions from this PDF file -- How Did All the Animals Fit On Noah's Ark? (922kB):


How Did All the Animals Fit On Noah's Ark?

Noah's Ark & Dinosaurs

1.       How many animals did Noah need to
  put on that boat?

2.       How big was Noah’s ark?

3.       How big was the average animal?

4.       How did Noah feed all those animals
  for a year?

5.       What about the dinosaurs?

Many sincere people doubt the historical account of Noah’s ark because they have been told that it was impossible. So let us answer these five questions and see if all the necessary animals could have fit on that boat and survived for a year.

This brochure only gives you the quick answers. For a more scientific analysis and Biblical analysis, see scientists John Woodmorappe’s book, NOAH’S ARK: A Feasibility Study, or ...

How many animals were needed to repopulate the Earth? About 16,000 animals. Example, all the species of dogs today, 250, could have come from one Genesis kind (may have looked similar to a male wolf and a female coyote?). There are only 8000 Genesis kinds of land animals. Even if we count species, only 35,000 land animals were needed. Scientists have identified one million species2. Over 982,400 of these could have had one male & one female to survive in water (see table below). ...

How big was the average animal? The size of a sheep. Remember the purpose of the ark was for the animals to survive and repopulate the Earth. Therefore, it would be reasonable to assume God would direct the young adult animals to be saved. When the large animals, including the dinosaurs, elephants, rhinos, etc., were combined with the smaller animals, the average size was that of a sheep.3 ...

How big was the ark? See the picture below of the ark behind a one story house. The ark was one-and-one-half football fields long (450 feet), 75 feet wide, and four-and-one-half stories tall (45 feet). The ark had a total of 100,000 square feet over 3 levels3 (1,518,750 cubit feet). You could go to the nearest stockyard and take 137,440 sheep that fit inside 569 railroad stock cars, and easily fit them inside Noah’s ark.5 ...

How much room would the animals take? Less than 20%. Let’s be generous. Instead of 16,000 Genesis kinds of animals, use species and include all the extinct animals and thousands more. This would give us 50,000 animals. 50,000 sheep would only take up 37% of the available space in the ark. Almost all would fit on only one of the three levels of the ark.3 ...

How did Noah feed all those animals for a year? More than 80%, or 1,215,000 cubit feet, of the ark was left for food. Scientists have studied large volume farming techniques and determined that eight people could easily have fed all the animals on the ark. Also, scientists know that most animals have the ability to hibernate, especially under stressful conditions.3 So, ...

What about the dinosaurs? If some of those large  dinosaurs stepped on board, wouldn’t the ark just tip over and sink? How many dinosaurs were there and how large were the adults?


How many dinosaurs?

There were probably only 20 to 50 Genesis kinds of dinosaurs. Some adults were as small as chickens. Imagine if the dinosaurs had not died out, we might be eating Kentucky Fried Dinosaur instead of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Even the largest dinosaurs hatched out of an egg not much bigger than a football.3 ...


Remember, the purpose of the ark was to let the survivors repopulate the earth. Therefore it would be reasonable to assume that God would have directed young adults to be saved.3 A young adult dinosaur would have been a lot smaller than his parents. ...

Even evolutionists think dinosaurs came from reptiles. Therefore the older a dinosaur got, the bigger he became. So the biggest dinosaurs were the oldest dinosaurs. Why would any logical thinking person say God lead great grandpa and great grandma dinosaurs to Noah’s ark? Who is going to be able to have more babies after the flood? Yet evolutionists continue to attack (in ignorance) what logic and the Bible actually say. ...

What we see in God’s world, agrees with what we read in God’s Word.
Remember, neither evolutionists or creationists can prove the past, but we can verify that the history of the Bible was scientifically possible and reasonable.



Why are these answers important? Many people believe Noah’s Flood and the ark were only a myth because their teacher said, “How could you get all those animals on that boat, especially the dinosaurs?” Many intelligent, well-educated people want to believe in God’s Word, but questions like these are often a stumbling block. If you know someone who may benefit by these scientific explanations, please make a copy and give it to them. ...


 To see just a small part of the scientific evidence that man and dinosaurs lived together in the past, see videos on this web page:
"Evidence That Man & Dinosaurs Co-existed, & How Did Noah Fit All Those Animals On The Ark?"


Images from the four lesson seminar presented at Georgia Christian School (Dec 2007).
Most of these images were taken during the first video lesson titled;
Evidence That Man & Dinosaurs Co-existed, & How Did Noah Fit All Those Animals On The Ark? 
Geoffrey Rowe, Electrical Engineer @ Kennedy Space Center

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Noah's Ark, 16 foot model, During Age of the Earth Lesson

Noah's Ark, 16 foot model, Image of the TOP of Noah's ArkDinosaurs In Books & Magazines, They Grab Children's AttentionAre Dinosaurs Mentioned In The BIBLE?How Did Noah Fit Dinosaurs On The Ark?

How Did Noah Fit All Those Animals On The Ark? Dinosaurs?Dinosaurs, Atlanta Museum, Creationists Dr. Brad HarrubVideo Introduction to; How Did Noah Fit All Those Animals On The Ark? Dinosaurs?How Did Noah Fit All Those Animals & Dinosaurs On The Ark?

Kids love the 16 foot model of Noah's Ark. With Dinosaurs.Kids love the 16 foot model of Noah's Ark. With Dinosaurs. CloseupKids love the 16 foot model of Noah's Ark. With Dinosaurs. ClosupKids love the 16 foot model of Noah's Ark. With Dinosaurs. Closeup

Hollywood & Media LIES about Noah's Ark. Dinosaurs on Noah's Ark?

16 foot model of Noah's Ark. Keeps kids attention.16 foot model of Noah's Ark & Dinosaurs. Keeps kids attention.

16 Foot Model of Noah's Ark. Animals Including Dinosaurs

16 Foot Model of Noah's Ark. Keeps kids attention. Closeup



Creation versus Evolution - Which is more scientific?
Evolution is just one of many false religions.

Making up a story to fit SELECTED facts is no more science than a Hollywood movie. Which is harder - changing your story (and therefore admitting you used to be wrong) or hiding the new facts that contradict your theory?

There are many false religions in this world. Even true religion has been distorted by man (denominations). Evolution is just one of many false religions. Evolution is more like a poor Hollywood story, than science. Look for a religious system with evidence. Man has always distorted the truth and the Bible predicted 2000 years ago that man would deny creation and a world-wide flood (2 Pet 3). See the following links to groups who can give logical reasons for creation:


http://www.WhyBaptism.org (Then press the Creation Videos tab near the top of the page)

The evidences on the websites above will stand up in any "court of law". NASA's Apollo program leader, Wernher Von Braun (awarded more honorary doctorates than anyone in history), held similar views and wrote to the school board encouraging them to include the scientific evidences for Creation in their public school science classes. Now Mr. Von Braun's view is politically incorrect, and some evolutionists call him a second rate scientist. Questions to ponder:
1. Who Does Better Science, Evolutionists Or Creationists? Did The Bible Reveal Scientific Facts Long Before Men of Science Discovered Them? The writings of mankind have always contained scientific errors. When the Bible was completed (2000 years ago) how did it avoid repeating the scientific errors of mankind?
2. How Did Noah Fit All Those Animals On The Ark? Did Man And Dinosaurs Ever Live At The Same Time? Are There Reliable Historical & Archeological Evidences For The Co-existence of Man & Dinosaurs? See "Evidence That Cannot Be Denied"


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